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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Have a crazy and kool summer"-- end of school year gift

I went back yesterday to visit my first grade student teaching students that I taught in the fall. I found a great site on Pinterest that had wonderful ideas for inexpensive yet cute gifts to give to your students! This is what I gave them! This idea could be given from a teacher or also kids could give these out to their fellow classmates.  There are a bunch of other great ideas on her blog that you can check out here!
To make them print out the labels, cut them out and punch a hole in the top. (Don't do it too close the edge or the ribbon will rip the paper).  I would also suggest printing them on heavy paper.  I then stapled the Kool Aid packet to the tag.  If I use this idea again, I think I will get the clear party goodie bags and put the straw and kool aid in the bag.  Then tie it up with ribbon and add the gift tag to front so that the gift is more durable.  It is a little difficult to get the tag and kool aid to stay tied on to the crazy straw.   

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